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How to choose bedding

What thread count is right for me?

The thread count is the number of threads in each square inch and generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious, dense and soft the material will feel. The quality of the yarn is also very important in the feel of the product, so thread count alone does not always tell the whole story.

120-180 Thread Count | This range is most suitable for rentals and basic domestic use, the type often found in hospitals, and certainly good for a spare room and where the usage calls for material of a more basic nature.

200 Thread Count | A very cool and light percale cotton, mostly used in summer. Found in many hotels, this product is ideal for contract or domestic usage where the requirement is for cool crisp bed linen within a certain budget.

400 Thread Count | Definitely our best selling cotton product. A soft yet more substantial Egyptian cotton than the 200 count, favoured for it’s cool feel and durability, with a universal appeal. This product is what you expect to find on the beds of major hotel chains worldwide.

600 Thread Count | Here is where the exclusive end of quality begins, made possible by the use of compressed air technology in the weaving process. It is a beautiful lustrous, uniform, soft and very smooth fabric, the best selling Luxury cotton in our upper range.

800 – 1000 Thread Count | Ultimate Luxury, pure indulgence, a step above the 600 Thread Count with an even greater lustre and a fuller fabric. This is an amazingly robust yet silky weave and will always be considered to be very beautiful bed linen even after many, many years.

Does thread count matter?

Thread count simply refers to how many threads – Vertically and Horizontally – are woven into one square inch of fabric. With finer threads, such as those produced with pure Egyptian cotton, more threads can be woven into each square inch, which produces in turn, a finer, softer and more flexible material. In general, the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets. The thread count of basic or standard cotton is around 150 – good quality sheets start at 180 thread count and are considered percale. Whilst thread count is a consideration, there are features much more important to measuring comfort, quality, and value. This includes the type of cotton, the feel of the fabric and the nature of the finishing process

What is Percale and Sateen?

Percale is a closely woven, plain weave, spun fabric made from both carded and combed yarns and Percale sheeting is the finest available. The high thread count – above 180 - gives the fabric a soft, silk-like feel. Sateen is weave construction that has more yarn surface on the face of the cloth than other basic weaves giving a softer and more lustrous look resembling satin. Which is best? The way in which fabric is woven also has an effect on its feel. Cotton sateen sheets are frequently softer than those with a Percale weave. A sateen weave has more warp threads on the top surface, resulting in a silk-like touch and attractive lustre or sheen. As to which is better there is no answer as it’s a matter a personal taste; some people prefer the crispness of a Percale weave, others like the softness of the sateen.


What is GSM?

GSM stands for Grams Per Square Metre which is a measure of the weight of the cotton used in producing towels. Generally speaking the higher the GSM the softer and more luxurious the towel. However, any towel of 450 GSM and above will meet the demands of a quality hotel in terms of feel and longevity.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, relying instead on methods with minimum ecological impact. It is used to manufacture everything from handkerchiefs to kimono robes. Different levels of certification exist, but at a minimum, a crop must be grown in soil that has been chemical-free for at least three years.

Giza Cotton

The best quality and longest staple cotton in the world. Although historically it came from Egypt, today 'Egyptian' cotton is also produced in other countries. It still complies with the original Egyptian standards of quality. This grade of cotton boasts of the longest and strongest fibers.

India Soft Cotton

This is the normal cotton grown in India but it is picked only after being left to mature for 180 days in the field. This maturing process dramatically improves the quality of the yarn and increases its strength.