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Have you ever decided to match your floor area rugs with the color of your wall or picture of your bedroom? Sure you do. You backed off cause of high price and unavailability of seller/manufacturer who does custom rugs without any minimum order requirement. This is a common issue rug lovers normally face. You must be thinking, this is a question which we all aware of but what’s the solution?

Custom rugs sizes

Well, Bedding Nest is now providing a free platform for custom rugs/carpets, where customer can customize their sizes, color, upload and save their design and can directly purchase from our website

Custom rugs design

Guess what all these customisations are free and can be purchased at an affordable price. According to our market research, customised prices are even lower than what other sellers are selling stocked rugs. You might be thinking why is this so? Maybe a seller is using cheap polyester or microfibre but there is nothing like this. Only 100% wool is being used and the weaving pattern is hand-tufted and hand-knotted. 

Delivery time for hand tufted -7-10 days

Delivery time for hand-knotted -30 days

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